Welcome to the webspace of TaliZ!

 In Fall of 1999, my family decided that our aging AST Research desktop needed an upgrade. It was the first computer my parents had ever bought, and it had been around for my entire life up to that point. A simple 486 machine that had been upgraded from DOS and Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. It wasn't fast, it wasn't flashy, but that all changed when we picked up an HP Pavilion desktop with a blazing Pentium III, twin disc drives, a bigger monitor, new speakers, and a ton of preloaded software. Combined with the advent of mass internet adoption, that machine and it's 56K modem provided my first experience with the internet.

 With this new-fangled internet going on, a lot of computer manufacturers included some form of website authoring software as part of the large pack-in set. While some got Microsoft FrontPage, our HP came with Trellix Web. Ahh, it was so simple. At its core, it was a WYSIWIG editor to make site creation easier. A lot of presets, templates, clip art, tables, and frames. It was better than writing all that code yourself, but it was hard to understand who it was targeted for. However, younger me didn't care that much at all. All I knew is that I wanted to make websites... and this software was the key to it all.

 Countless hours I put into building web pages. Pages for myself, pages for my family, pages for the small buisinesses my grandfather ran, pages for companies that didn't exist, pages for my cats and dogs! I didn't even realize that nobody could see them, nor did I realize that even when my computer was dialed in to the local ISP, that didn't mean anyone was seeing what I had done. Eventually I stopped building them after realizing it would cost real money to share my work with the world. However, I vowed then that one day I would have my own website. I went to a summer course in 2003 to try and learn web design, but the teacher was a literal college teacher and all the students were just intermediate and elementary schoolers. The web design concepts went way over our heads and we ended up just building websites in Microsoft Word instead, and playing Runescape on some weird looking software I had never heard of called 'Mozilla 1.3'... That's a lot of back story, but what I'm trying to say is this:

It's been over 25 years, I think I waited long enough ^^;

This site is built using Pure.css, some styles from 98.css and Visual Studio Code. Hosting and domain name by porkbun.com.
I will be honest: I'm still not 100% sure what to put on this site. I have a lot of things in mind...

However, more likely than not I will host articles and blogs I write, documentation on projects I'm working on, and maybe some art or other creations of mine.

So, if you're interested, watch this space!